CV Toolbox™


The purpose of this toolbox is to provide the busy practitioner with accessible, up-to-date distillations of the latest evidence, patient information tools and evidence implementation tools. The intent is to permit information download and duplication to facilitate best practice.

The Toolbox provides a three pronged approach:

• Patient information products
• Condensed evidence reviews and guideline distillation
• Implementation tools

The goal is to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, between evidence and implementation in the realm of Cardiovascular Diseases. There is no lack of data and guidelines to reduce cardiovascular morality. There is ample evidence that we are far from accomplishing optimal therapy.


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This web site strives to provide the busy clinician with the information and tools needed to educate their patients and optimize their therapy. This information may be freely modified and reproduced as you see fit with appropriate attribution and within the terms and conditions of our disclaimer and site registration. With this information at your fingertips you will have the tools to expedite patient education, management and compliance.

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