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LIpid Optimization Tool Reasearch

Lipid optimization to more aggressive targets has the potential to reduce cardiovascular events significantly. Despite well-established benefits of lipid-lowering therapies, lipid targets are broadly underachieved. To Bridge this Care Gap at the Ottawa Cardiovascular Centre (, we have developed a structured nurse managed/physician supervised lipid protocol applied via a flow chart based Lipid Optimization Tool, This tool has been in use at the OCC since 1999. We have audited our practice performance since 2004 and presented our data in a number of forums. A database capable of decision support and quality control analysis has been developed for continuous quality improvement and is in the process of clinical evaluation. Once validation is complete, this database will be made available to CVToolbox users via this website.

Research presentations have included:

International Atherosclerosis Society Rome 2006
Poster Presentation (PDF)

Handout Presentation (PDF)


EuroPrevent Madrid 2007- Oral Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)


Canadian Cardiovascular Congress Quebec City 2007
Poster Presentation (PDF)

Handout Presentation (PDF)


Canadian Cardiovascular Congress Toronto 2008
Poster Presentation (PDF)

Handout Presentation (PDF)


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